Community A - L: Community Organizations and Services

Many organizations add to the quality of life for Montcalm County citizens.

We assembled a listing of many of these organizations in this section. Organizations that we believe exist but we don't currently have their information listed have "INFORMATION NEEDED" in their entry. 

This site can connect you with organizations using one of the three search function options listed below: 

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SEARCH OPTION THREE: Click an icon below to view maps and lists of organizations alphabetically in the following categories:

childcare24 Child Care and Preschool

commorgs24 Community Organizations

faith24 Faith Community

healthcare24 Health Care

humansvcs24 Human Services

library24 Libraries

Or, view a map of all organizations

Work on this site is ongoing. Contact the Montcalm County Controller's Office at 989-831-7300,  if you would like to request your organization be added, would like to provide or update information, or would like information corrected or deleted. 

Note: Once the initial master list of organizations is completed, we will assess the feasibility of adding organizational detail. (Limited project resources coupled with the widespread availability of other information sources such as directories and organizational websites require continued evaluation as to how to best focus our efforts).