Community Report Card

The Montcalm County Community Report Card was developed to provide a data-driven foundation to report baseline information and assess changes to indicators of Montcalm County's well-being. The Montcalm Human Services Coalition produced its hard copy Community Report Card in 2005, and the first link below will lead you to the original website version of the document.

In early 2007, all the report card indicators were reviewed to determine if sufficient updated information existed to warrant doing any updates. For those report card indicators determined to have substantial updates of data and/ or narrative, the following fact sheets were produced. The most recent 2010 update page series were posted in August 2010.

Each indicator is accessible as an individual fact sheet rather than part of a larger booklet format. To be cost-effective, the indicator fact sheets are only being made available on the internet; however, they may be printed and shared.

Thanks to all the individuals that contributed updated information and special thanks to Rex Hoyt of the Mid-Michigan District Health Department for his data analysis expertise and continuing contributions to this project.

Report Card & Fact Sheets