I disagree with the Referee’s Recommendation. What can I do?

You can file for a DeNovo Review by the assigned Judge. The forms and instructions are available on this website. 

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1. My order for parenting time states I will have “reasonable” parenting time. What does this mean?
2. My order sets out a specific parenting time schedule. I would like to change that schedule. What can I do?
3. I am not getting my parenting time that the court ordered. What do I do?
4. The other parent wrongfully withholds my parenting time. Do I still need to pay my full child support obligation?
5. May I take my children out-of-state for a vacation without first obtaining court approval?
6. The other parent is not sending or returning clothing or other personal items that our child uses during parenting time. Can the FOC do something about that?
7. If I think that the other parent is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, do I have to let the children go with that other parent for scheduled parenting time?
8. The other parent will not let me telephone my children. What can the FOC do?
9. I think that my child is being abused during parenting time spent with the other parent. What should I do?
10. I have been served papers for a change in our order and I disagree with the information given or want the FOC to know more before court. What can I do?
11. I disagree with the Referee’s Recommendation. What can I do?