How was I selected for jury duty?

The names of potential jurors are provided to the Jury Board by the Secretary of State through a random selection of Montcalm County residents with a driver's license or Michigan ID. You were sent a questionnaire by the Jury Board and determined by the Board to be a qualified juror. The Jury Board then assigns potential jurors to a jury panel for one of the three courts. If you have received a letter from this Court, you have been chosen to serve on the Probate Court Jury Panel which includes the Family/Juvenile Division.

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1. How was I selected for jury duty?
2. How long do I have to serve as a juror?
3. When do I have to appear for jury duty?
4. Where do I have to appear?
5. How do I use the Call-In System?
6. How do I get excused from jury duty?