When do I have to appear for jury duty?

The Court will send you a letter as trials are scheduled during your term. We attempt to give you as much notice as possible of upcoming trials, however, due to requirements of the law, some trials could be scheduled with minimal notice.

Many of our trials are scheduled but then are settled or adjourned, sometimes as late as the afternoon prior to trial. Therefore, the Probate Court uses a call-in system at 989-831-7356 for jurors to confirm whether their appearance is required.

Your letter will include the dates that your jury term falls within but your attendance at jury duty will only be required on the dates that trials are actually scheduled and when those trials proceed. Be sure to use the call-in system to confirm the necessity of attendance.

Please also note that while most trials are scheduled for one day it is possible that the trial could continue additional day(s).

Your presence at these proceedings is mandatory in accordance with State law. Should you fail to appear, you may be cited to appear before the Judge to explain your absence.

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