How do I get excused from jury duty?

Jury duty is oftentimes a hardship or intrusion on our lives but is a necessary and required duty for our justice system to fully function. Every effort should be made to comply with an appearance on the dates scheduled. If there are extraordinary circumstances that warrant a request to be excused from a trial date such requests must be received in writing (prior to the scheduled trial) and will be presented to the Judge for consideration.

If you are excused from jury duty, you will receive a confirmation in writing from this office. If you do not have written confirmation that you are excused, you must appear as scheduled. Any requests to be excused due to medical issues will need to be accompanied by documentation from your physician.

The Court receives many requests from employers or jurors asking that key employees be excused from jury duty because that employee's duties would be difficult, if not impossible, to delegate to others. If the Court were to grant all such requests the ability to conduct jury trials would be significantly compromised. The Court recognizes your concern and does appreciate that jury duty does create some hardships for area businesses and individuals however, requests to be excused from jury duty for these reasons are not granted.

If a request to be excused is granted by the Court, many times you will be required to serve a make-up date during the next three-month term.

Again, requests to be excused must be in writing. You may send the request by mail, email or fax:

  • 625 N State Street
    Stanton, MI 48888
  • Email
  • Fax: 989-831-7548.

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