Board of Commissioners


The county board of commissioners is the chief policy-making and legislative body of the county government but is also involved in some administrative activities. As such, it serves as the "gatekeeper" of many county activities. The board also serves in an oversight function-inquiring into the affairs of county agencies, assessing their performance, and through the adoption of resolutions, providing new policy direction or assistance in solving problems.

The county board of commissioners sets the county tax rate, within its own rate limitations; approves grant applications, and receives grant money; sets many fees collected by county departments; receives state and federal revenue sharing money, and borrows money for several purposes.

Commissioner Meeting Dates

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Adopted Budgets:



Statutory Duties:

  1. Ron Baker

    Ron Baker

    District 1 Commissioner

  1. Chris Johnston

    Chris Johnston

    District 2 Commissioner

  1. Adam Petersen

    Adam Petersen

    District 3 Commissioner

  1. Scott Painter

    Scott Painter

    District 4 Commissioner

  1. Charlie Mahar

    Charlie Mahar

    District 5 Commissioner

  1. Patrick Carr

    Patrick Q Carr

    District 6 Commissioner

  1. Phil Kohn

    Phil Kohn

    District 7 Commissioner