County Fee Schedule

DepartmentDocument / ServiceFeeSet By
AddressingNew Address$20 per AddressBoard
Circuit CourtDivorce Packets$75Board
Circuit CourtCopy Fees$1 per pageState
Circuit CourtMotion Fee$20State
Circuit CourtPassport$25Federal Government
Circuit CourtPhoto$18Board
Circuit CourtCertified Copy$10 first page, $1 each additional pageState
Circuit CourtSearch Fee$10 first year, $1 each additional yearBoard
Circuit CourtFiling Fee$175State
Circuit CourtFiliation Fee$59State
Circuit CourtDriver License Clearance$45State
Circuit CourtNotary$5Board
Circuit CourtAppeal from Circuit$25State
ControllerCremation Permit$50County
District CourtCopy Fees$1State
District CourtBench warrant fees$59State
District CourtShow cause fees$30State
District CourtCertified copy fees$10 first page, $1 each afterBoard
District CourtAlcohol evaluation$80State
District CourtAlcohol and drug screening$50State
EqualizationAll Copies$1Board
EqualizationCounty Export$0.05 per parcelBoard
EqualizationCounty Export Custom Report$0.05 per + $30 per hourBoard
EqualizationSWMRIC Export$300Board
EqualizationAerial Photo (24 by 36)  $15 Color Aerial only $15 Map lines only $30 Color Aerial with linesBoard
EqualizationAerial Photo (11 by 17)  $10 Color Aerial only $10 Map lines only $20 Color Aerial with linesBoard
EqualizationAerial Photo (8 1/2 by 11)$5 Color Aerial only $5 Map lines only $10 Color Aerial with linesBoard
EqualizationDigital Parcel Layer  $300 per Township $5,000 per CountyBoard
EqualizationCustom Mapping$30 Per 1/2 HourBoard
Friend of the CourtFiling Fee for Custody, Parenting Time or Child Support Motion$20State
Friend of the CourtJudgment Fee$80State
Friend of the CourtProcess Fee for Payers of Child Support$3.50State
Friend of the CourtLicense Reinstatement Fee$45State
Friend of the CourtCustody/Parenting Time Investigations$250Judge
Friend of the CourtShow Cause Hearings for non-payment of child support$35Judge
Juvenile Court FeesAdoptions$185State
Juvenile Court FeesInvestigation for Adoptions (paid directly to the investigator)$150, $50 for each additional childCourt
Juvenile Court FeesInvestigation for Confidential Intermediary (paid directly to the investigator)$250 (estimate)Court
Juvenile Court FeesMotion Fee for Adoption$20State
Juvenile Court FeesPetition for Adoption Inquiry$20State
Juvenile Court FeesPetition for Confidential Intermediary$20State
Juvenile Court FeesEmancipations$175 + $10 certification feeState
Juvenile Court FeesMotion fee for emancipations$20State
Juvenile Court FeesCertified Copies$10 per pageState
Juvenile Court FeesState Fines for Felony$68State
Juvenile Court FeesState fines for Misdemeanor$50State
Juvenile Court FeesCrime Victims’ Rights Assessment$25State
Juvenile Court FeesCourt cost for Misdemeanor$100Court
Juvenile Court FeesCourt cost for Felony$200Court
Juvenile Court FeesCourt fine for Misdemeanor$100Court
Juvenile Court FeesCourt fine for Felony$200Court
Juvenile Court FeesProbation Oversight Fee$25 per monthCourt
Juvenile Court FeesConsent Calendar Administrative Fee$50Court
Juvenile Court FeesDrug Screen Saliva$13Court
Juvenile Court FeesDrug Screen 10 Panel$5Court
Juvenile Court FeesProbation Intake Fee$40Court
Juvenile Court FeesProbation Seminar Fee$25Court
Juvenile Court FeesProbation Violation Fee$50Court
Probate Court FeesCertified copy fees$10 first page $1 thereafterState
Probate Court FeesGuardianship Petitions$175State
Probate Court FeesConservatorship and Protective Order Petitions$175State
Probate Court FeesDescendants Estate$175 plus inventory feeState
Probate Court FeesTrust Supervision$175State
Probate Court FeesPetition for Assignment of Estate$25 plus inventory feeState
Probate Court FeesWills filed for safekeeping$25.00State
Probate Court FeesRegistration of Trust$25State
Probate Court FeesSubsequent Petitions, Motions, Objections$20State
Probate Court FeesAccounts$20State
Probate Court FeesClaims$20State
Probate Court FeesCivil Actions$175State
Probate Court FeesName Changes$185State
Probate Court FeesJury Demand$30State
Probate Court FeesPetition for Adoption Inquiry$20State
Probate Court FeesPetition for Confidential Intermediary$20State
Probate Court FeesAnnual Account Fee$20State
Probate Court FeesCopies$1 per pageCourt
Probate Court FeesReport Packet-Guardianship$5Court
Probate Court FeesReport Packet-Conservatorship$5Court
Probate Court FeesReport Packet – Estate$25Court
Register of Deeds/AbstractAbstract$250 per parcelBoard
Register of Deeds/AbstractRecertification$100Board
Register of Deeds/AbstractTax Lien$65Board
Register of Deeds/AbstractCopy of Old Abstract$60Board
Register of Deeds/AbstractRailroad Information Search$100 plus copiesBoard
Register of Deeds/AbstractMineral Information Search$100 plus copiesBoard
Register of Deeds/AbstractEasement Search$100 plus copiesBoard
Register of Deeds/AbstractCertified Search for Court$100 plus copiesBoard
Register of Deeds/AbstractCopies of Documents$1 per pageBoard
Register of Deeds/AbstractTract Time$1 per minuteBoard
Register of Deeds/Abstract N/A$30 per documentState
Register of Deeds/Abstract N/A$1.10 per $1,000 in sales for transfer taxState
Register of Deeds/Abstract N/A$1 per copyState
Register of Deeds/Abstract N/A$5 per certificationState
Register of Deeds/Abstract N/A$5 minimum search feeState
Treasurer’s OfficeCertification of taxes paid$5State
Treasurer’s OfficeNon-Sufficient Fund Fee$40County
Treasurer’s OfficeBSA online look up per parcel$1State
Treasurer’s OfficeDatabase Delinquent download per parcel$.50State
Treasurer’s OfficeForfeiture administration fee4%State
Treasurer’s OfficeOctober notice fee$15State
Treasurer’s OfficeForfeiture Fee$175State
Treasurer’s OfficeForfeiture Recording Fee$30State
Treasurer’s OfficeRedemption Recording Fee$30State
Treasurer’s Office1-year unsexed Dog License$15 – Delinquent $30Board
Treasurer’s Office3-year unsexed Dog License$30 – Delinquent $45Board
Treasurer’s Office1-year sexed Dog License$25 – Delinquent $50Board
Treasurer’s Office3-year sexed dog License$55 – Delinquent $75Board
Treasurer’s Office1-year sexed for Seniors 65+$10 – Delinquent $30Board
Treasurer’s Office3-year sexed for Seniors 65+$20 – Delinquent $60Board
Vital Records/ElectionsCertified$30Board
Vital Records/ElectionsPistol Permit$115State
Vital Records/ElectionsMarriage License$20State
Vital Records/ElectionsMarriage out of State$30State
Vital Records/ElectionsMarriage 3-day waiver$10Board
Vital Records/ElectionsAssumed Name$10State
Vital Records/ElectionsCopy of DBA$2State
Vital Records/ElectionsNotary Filing$10State
Vital Records/ElectionsOld Notary Bond Filing Fee$1State
Vital Records/ElectionsNotary Signature Fee$5Board
Vital Records/ElectionsRecord Copy$1 per pageBoard
Vital Records/ElectionsElection Filing Fee$100State
Vital Records/ElectionsDuplicate CCW License$10State
Vital Records/ElectionsJudgment Sales$50Board
Vital Records/ElectionsKris to perform Marriages$40Board
Vital Records/ElectionsBad Check$25Board
Vital Records/ElectionsCorrect a Marriage License$50Board
Vital Records/ElectionsNon-refunded search fee$25Board
Vital Records/ElectionsQVF Admin. Per Jurisdiction Quarterly$100Board
Vital Records/ElectionsQVF Voter Cards$0.40Board