August 2, 2016 Election Results

Unofficial results are final at 11:10 pm. The Board of Canvassers will meet at 1 pm, Wednesday, August 3rd to canvass the results.

Election results will be posted as they are reported to the Montcalm County Clerk's Office on election night. Since the polls are open until 8 pm we do not expect any results to be posted prior to 9 pm.

Results are available for inspection in three formats. The first report will be a Precinct report. This report breaks down vote totals for each race by precinct. The second report will be a Summary report. This report shows accumulative totals district-wide for every race on every ballot. The third report is a Canvass report. This report shows totals for the candidates across the top and then a breakdown by precinct. If you are watching particular races, this is the report you will want.

A total of 30 precincts will be reporting results. The we've provided a link to a Precincts Reported document. This is merely a spreadsheet indicating which precincts have reported and the time they arrived at the County Clerk's Office. If a precinct appears on this sheet then their results are in the accumulative totals on the Summary Report. Current results can be found every few minutes by refreshing this page on election night.

Please note: Write-In totals that are reported on the reports below are not necessarily associated with any particular write-in candidate. The write-in totals reported are for every write-in oval that was marked on the ballots, regardless of whether voters voted for a declared write-in candidate or not. When all precincts have reported and unofficial results are final on election night, a notice will be posted to the website stating such.

Should you experience problems with this website or have questions regarding the totals you may call 989-831-7339 for assistance.