Changing Custody

Montcalm County FOC Procedures

If the parties agree, First, one of the parties must file a "Stipulated Motion for Change of Custody, Parenting Time and/or Domicile" with the FOC. The forms are on this website.

Detailed instructions tell you how to file this paperwork and explain there are filing fees for entry of the order, and an additional fee for the motion. If the parents are able to agree, and provide the written "Stipulated Order" (above) for entry at the time of the mediation appointment, the entry fee will be returned.

Second, you need to schedule an appointment with a representative with the FOC for both parties to come in and discuss the agreed upon changes, etc. If the parties agree, a stipulation can be signed, which normally is approved by the Circuit Court Judge.

If the parties do not agree, a Motion for Change of Custody must be filed with the court, and a Notice of Disputed Custody served on the Friend of the Court office. Thereafter, an investigation is performed by a Friend of the Court Investigator. Motions for Change of Custody normally require the assistance of an attorney.

Please read the instructions. If they are not strictly complied with, your motion will be returned and an appointment / hearing will NOT be scheduled.

Object to Ruling - You can file an "Objection to Referee's Order (DeNovo Review) FOC 68" found on this site.