Annual Reporting

As the guardian, your duty by law is to file a report of guardian annually with the Court on the anniversary of your appointment. You will not receive a reminder of this. The report is delinquent 56 days after the anniversary of your appointment and a notice of deficiency will be issued if not timely filed. You are also required to serve a copy of the annual report on all interested persons. Failure to serve all interested persons, as required, may result in your suspension as guardian or subject you to contempt proceedings of the court.

Interested persons as defined by MCR 5.125 would include at the minimum, the adult over whom you are guardian, the adult's spouse, the adult's children, the adult's mother and father. When completing and filing your annual report please keep in mind:

Due Date: Annually on the anniversary of guardian's appointment.

Filing Deadline: 56 days after the anniversary of the guardian's appointment.

Filing Fee: None

Cost for Forms: $5 (Initial packet provided at no cost at appointment)

Documents Required

Please read the report carefully and complete all areas of the report - any incomplete forms will be returned and may subject to your contempt proceedings of the court if untimely filed.

Please type or print neatly in blue or black ink. No pencil or colored ink. Anything not in compliance will be returned.

Keep copies of all documents filed with the court for your records. Copies obtained from the court are $1 per page.

File the original report and proof of service forms with the court in person or by mail.