Billing Department

MCES Billing Department

As a service to its patients, MCES bills insurances directly for ambulance transports with the authorization of the patient or guardian. If an insurance requires a patient co-pay, MCES then bills that co-pay to the patient or a secondary insurer. MCES is not permitted, by law, to write off patient co-pays. Healthcare Plus may offset some of these costs.

MCES adheres to the rules and laws of Medicare and Medicaid and applies these rules equally for all insurance carriers. For example, MCES will only bill insurances for ambulance transports that are deemed medically necessary. Medical necessity has nothing to do with whether the patient needed to see a doctor or go to the hospital. Medical necessity only deals with whether the patient could or could not have been transported by ANY other means. In many cases where we cannot verify medical necessity, patients are advised they may bill their insurance company themselves for the ambulance charges.

Our billers are responsive to your needs and will assist in any way possible to help you pay your ambulance bill.

We take credit card payments by phone, or you can pay online with the link below.

To pay your ambulance bill online, please visit PayGOV.US. 

Click on the blue "Make a Payment" button in the upper right-hand corner, this will prompt you to enter the State, County and Transaction type. Once this information is entered, you will then be directed to enter your payment information. If you have any questions or concerns you may call the number on the top of the payment screen for assistance.

We also offer monthly payment plans or financial hardship assistance for those who qualify.


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Billing Department Contacts:

Amber Barnes

Amy Schultz

Susan Cooper