2024 Elections

Early Voting Information

February 27, 2024 Presidential Primary Election Results

August 6, 2024 Primary Election

November 5, 2024 General Election

Annual Meeting Notice for Board of Canvassers to be held 2-21-2024 - For the purposes of the Annual Meeting and to cover new forms and procedures for the February 27, 2024, Presidential Primary Election Canvass. 

Board of Canvassers - Presidential Primary Election Meeting Notice to be held 2-29-2024 - For the purposes of canvassing election results for the February 27, 2024, Presidential Primary Election. 

The Montcalm County Board of Canvassers will begin the canvass on Thursday, February 29th at 9am. Directions for the location of the Canvass will be posted below with a link for direction. Signs will be posted indicating location. 

Board of Canvassers Meeting Directions

Application for Absentee Ballot - Application for Absentee Ballot, with instructions. 

Application for Election Inspector - An election inspector must be a registered voter of the State of Michigan if 18+ years of age or individuals ages 16 - 17 must be a Michigan Resident. Election inspectors cannot be a challenger, candidate, member of a candidate's immediate family, or a member of the County Board of Canvassers. Anyone convicted of a felony or an election crime may not serve. To apply to become an Election Inspector, submit the Election Inspector Application to the city or township clerk of your choice. 

February 2024 - Candidates & Proposals

Election Commission Meeting Notice

Public Accuracy Notice 

Registration Notice