Support Groups

Visual Support Group is on the 4th Monday of each month at 1:30 pm. Currently it's a 1 hour conference call; which is run by the Association for the Blind. Call 701-801-6449. Support groups offer a means to connect with others who are experiencing similar feelings. A time to ask questions, a time to laugh, a time to vent, a time to celebrate accomplishments, no matter how small, and a time to learn from others who share your loss.  

In person Weight Loss Support Group is every Monday at 10am at the CoA. 613 N State St. Stanton, Mi 48888. Are you needing support and accountability in your weight loss journey? Lets get together and help each other. Our group will be about sharing our goals, successes, and frustrations. We will have a scale available for those who want to weigh in each week. For more information call 989-831-7476, Option 4.