Booking Fees

Pursuant to Public Act 121, MCL 801.4b; each person booked into the Montcalm County Jail is required to pay a $12 booking fee to the Montcalm County Jail. A civil infraction citation (ticket) will be issued at release if not paid during their incarceration. Failure to pay this citation within 14 days of release from the Montcalm County Jail will result in the citation being turned over to District Court for collection, issuance of a Warrant and $150 fine, plus costs which are paid directly to the 64B District Court.

Booking Fee payments are accepted within the 14 day time period at the Montcalm County Jail via cash only.

If an inmate is found not guilty or the charges are dismissed (all charges associated with the booking fee); the inmate may request a refund of the paid $12 booking fee. Contact the Jail Sergeant for the required form at 989-831-7592