November 3, 2015 Election Results

Polls close at 8 pm. Results will be posted as soon as they are available from the City Clerks.

City of Greenville Councilperson
Two to be elected

Write-In Candidates
Total Voters: 454 reported at 10:20 pm.

_____74____Kathleen M. Dunne
____265____Larry E. Moss
_____53____Margaret Mullendore
____262____Sylvia Warner

City of Stanton - City Commissioner
Three to be elected

Total Voters: 38 reported at 8:09 pm.

___29_____Krista M. King
___25_____Karl E. Yoder
___18_____Lewis G. Corwin (write-in candidate)

All results are unofficial until the Board of Canvassers meet at 1 pm on Wednesday, November 4th to certify the results.