Starting a Step-Parent Adoption

Document Requirements

Certified copies (containing the raised seal) of the following documents:

  • Child's Birth Certificate
  • Judgment of Divorce for petitioner/bio-parent
  • Any custody, support, visitation, paternity orders entered regarding the child
  • Marriage license for petitioners

Other Requirements

  • Must be a resident of Montcalm County for not less than one year prior to the date of filing.
  • Petitioners must be married for at least one year prior to the date of filing.
  • Consent of the non-custodial parent is required.
  • The adoptee (if 14 years of age or older) must consent to the adoption.


It is recommended that the document be brought to the Juvenile Court office by the petitioner for filing. Filings may be completed by mail, however, there may be a delay if your documents are not complete or correct. View the Location / Hours of Court.

Keep copies of all documents filed with the Court for your records and to provide to the interested persons. Copies obtained from the Court are $1 per page.