Starting a Minor Name Change

Service: It is the petitioner's responsibility to ensure that proper and timely service and publication is made. If proper and timely service and/or publication is not made, your hearing may be adjourned and/or your petition dismissed.

Filing: It is recommended that the documents be brought to the Probate Court office by the petitioner for filing, however, filings may be completed by mail.

Please read the forms carefully and complete all forms - any incomplete forms will be returned.

Please type or print neatly in blue or black ink. No pencil or colored ink. Anything not in compliance will be returned.

Once the petition has been reviewed and processed by the Court, the petitioner will receive a letter by mail from the Court with a notice of the hearing date and time. A hearing date will not be given at the time of filing.

The petitioner will be required, once the hearing date is received, to publish the notice of hearing pursuant to Michigan Court Rule 3.613 in a Montcalm County newspaper. The expense for this publication must be paid directly to the newspaper by the petitioner.

Keep copies of all documents filed with the Court for your records and to provide to the interested persons. Copies obtained from the Court are $1 per page.

Required Documents