Request for Copy of Name Change Order

A copy of an order granting a name change may be obtained only by the person whose name was changed (or the petitioner in the case of a minor). If the person whose name was changed was a minor at the time of the name change and is now an adult, that person must request a copy of the name change order. The request form must be completed and either brought to the Probate Court office or mailed. If making the request in person, bring the completed request form, your photo id and cash, check or money order in the appropriate amount to the Probate Court Office. If making the request by mail, the request form must be signed before a notary, a copy of the photo id for the person making the request must be made on the reverse side of the notarized form, and a self-addressed stamped envelope for returning the order and the appropriate fees must all be mailed to the Probate Court office.