August 2, 2022 Primary Election Results

All Montcalm County Precincts are 100% reporting as of 10:39 p.m.   The only outstanding results are from Ensley Township, Newaygo County for Tri County Area Schools.  

The polls close at 8:00 p.m. Results will be posted as they are received by the County.  Modems are no longer used to send results to the County, therefore the reporting of results will be significantly delayed as results must be driven to Stanton and manually uploaded.  

The links below are sample reports that will be posted on election night. It is important to note that Montcalm County has 48,725 registered voters.  The reports show a total number of registered votes of 51,659 but that is because we are reporting results for Tri County Area Schools which included 2,124 registered voters for Newaygo County and 810 registered voters for Kent County.  We will do our best to obtain these results from the other counties on election night so we have all Tri County precincts reporting. 

Since this is a Primary Election and the Democratic Party is listed first on the ballot, the Democratic races will all appear first on the reports.  Then the Republican Candidates, then Nonpartisan, then Proposals.  The reports are somewhat cumbersome in a Primary Election.  I recommend looking at the Canvass Report which does show all results by precinct.  Millage Proposals are at the end of the reports.  We are aware that a blank page is appearing following each page which appears to be a compatibility issue with the new website. 

There are 2 Countywide Proposals on the report.  The first is the Commission on Aging Renewal, Page 233-236.  The second, which is titled Montcalm County is the 4H and Extension millage renewal, Page 237-239.  

Unofficial Canvass Report

Unofficial Cumulative Report

Unofficial Precinct Report