Contractor Resources

To maintain compliance with changes to House Bill 5504, effective March 24, 2021, the Drain Office is now developing a list of pre-approved contractors. If you wish to become a pre-approved contractor, please use the links on this page to review the policy surrounding the process for pre-approval. You must complete the application and also provide the required documentation listed in the policy.

Completing an application does not guarantee a spot on the pre-approved contractor's list and the list can be changed at the Drain Commissioner's discretion. Being on the list does not guarantee the award of any contract. The pre-approved contractor's list will be posted on the Drain Commissioner's website.

Please watch for future communications regarding the maintenance and updating of the pre-approved contractor list.

Prequalified Contractor List

The listed entities are deemed qualified to be selected to perform drain maintenance on behalf to the Montcalm County Drain Commissioner. This list is subject to change with entities being added or removed in accordance with the Montcalm County Drain Commissioner's Contractor Pre-Qualification Policy.

  • Butcher Excavating LLC
  • CL Trucking and Excavating LLC
  • Dairyland Excavating LLC
  • David Behrenwald LLC
  • Dice Excavating Inc
  • Exterior Property Solutions
  • Merchant Excavating Inc
  • Powell's Excavating and Septic Inc.
  • Ron Anger Excavating LLC

Important Notes

Please note that placement on the list does not guarantee a contractor will be selected to perform work. The Montcalm County Drain Commissioner sustains full discretion and authority to either bid a non-petitioned maintenance work or to select any contractor from the prequalified list to perform said non-petitioned maintenance.

This list does not preclude any contractor, whether on the list or not, from submitting for work that the Montcalm County Drain Commissioner decides to put out for bids.